How To Upload Your Membership List

You only need to do this once for your first year setup.
But you may also want to update members in bulk at other times.

There is a Member Spreadsheet report which produces a comma separated file (CSV) which you can read in Excel or any spreadsheet program.
There is also an Upload Member Spreadsheet feature which does the opposite.

So, if you are preparing your system for first use, you should enter yourself into the system via the add link at the bottom of the search results from the check-in page.
Then, download the Member Spreadsheet and you will see the format to work with - DO NOT CHANGE THE COLUMNS. You can also download and save the spreadsheet as a backup.

For new rows, many of the columns may be ignored since they are just reporting useful data for the current year. The first 5 columns and the final notes column are used to update existing members and add new ones.

The id column at the far left is particularly important - you cannot change these numbers, but you may find i useful to use the spreadsheet to assign paddle numbers as an alternative to assigning member paddles one at a time via the check-in page.

Also for new members, at least the phone number and name are required. The address is optional. If you have a source spreadsheet with individual fields, you can use a formula to combine those fields into the address (In Excel || combines values) - just be sure the save the result as a CSV so that the values, not the formula, get saved. Similarly, If you have multiple emails, combine them into a single commas separated value.

You can either do a single entry for each person or combine them (Joe & Jane Smith as one name) but I suggest you don't need to include kids. The idea is that when someone walks up to the registration table it's easier to pick their name from a list than take time to enter it in, plus if you have all the emails up front it enables the mass-email feature for you to use. (By default emails go to just 'participants' i.e. those with statements that have either donations or purchases or both, but you can override that and send a note to 'everyone'. There's no opt in/out feature (other than just erasing someone's email in their contact screen).

If you prefer to use the auto-assign paddle feature, you can include the word 'Business' in the notes, and it will skip those members.

IMPORTANT - I've added the ability to remove members in bulk, so that means you have to upload the entire member list even if you only want to update a few rows. Any members that are eligible for removal (no items, no purchases or payments) that don't occur in the list (and it is based on id, not name) will be removed. So just be aware of that - don't try to save time by just uploading a few rows you want to change.

You can sort the file however you like, but don't re-arrange the columns.

We need one phone number per 'member' (row) which is typically a couple, so the name would be 'Joe & John Smith' for example. Whenever we need to sort users, we use the last word in the name as the surname. We typically load the whole membership list as one row per couple as a starting point. This can take some effort to assemble but it's a one-time thing, and then for later years you can just add new ones as they show up or donate.
Anyway, there are more buyers than donors, and they will usually want their statements together, so that's why we suggest that approach instead of just one row per individual. Each member has an associated statement page for each auction where you can see their donations and purchases, and when a host sees a couple with qty=2, it's pretty clear what that means.
Then, if you have some donors that don't fit that pattern you can just enter them too - for example, I'm in the system once with my wife as 'Jim Pinkham & Danya Furda', and again individually as just 'Jim Pinkham', but only because I've donated a motorcycle ride that Danya doesn't want to be listed as co-donor for. So I've got two statements (linked because they share a phone#). Also, for those using the same phone number, we'll all be listed together (it's smart about sorting by last name, but then including any others with same phone# together with alphabetically lowest surname).
The columns you'll need to fill in are:
Id Phone Name Address email Paddle
Leave the (internal) id blank for new members, and leave Paddle blank unless you already have pledging unit numbers you want to re-use.
Before cell phones, phone was a natural id; now you have to just pick one to represent the couples if they no longer have a common phone. Since it is used as a kind of userid, phone is required for all members, but it doesn't have to be unique - when a user signs in with a phone that has more than one name associated, they get a 2nd step where they click which name they want.
email is optional but quite helpful. Address is also optional (format is 123 Maple St. Springfield, MA 01105) but only helpful for potential donors of events or services - buyers statements will construct a google map link from it.

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