Items Hidden From Catalog

What if I can't find and item I know is in there?

There is a feature related to the Calendar that 'hides' items with zero quantity from the catalog.

I don't have it set to reject items without dates (good idea though, I may add that), so it's possible to enter items that you can't find again.
Meanwhile, the best way is to use the Backup feature to download a spreadsheet of items and look thru that. Once you have the member's name, you can go to their statement page (use the Paddle screen to find them by name) and edit the qty to make it show up again.

This feature is designed to allow you to enter all-church events that might influence folks picking a date for their auction events - Annual Meetings, that sort of thing. Usually these are entered on a member that you would setup for your church - you could also use this as a catch-all member to put in some 'anonymous' donated items.

I love the calendar for the events with a scheduled date. Is it possible for us to put other events on that calendar, not items for the auction, but things like our Canvass event and Dinners in the Home, so that when someone is looking to make a donation, they could see whether the date they have in mind conflicts with something else already scheduled?

Yes, we needed that too, so I came up with a simple way to do it - you can 'donate' some dated events on your church's statement, and just make sure the qty is zero. That will prevent it from showing up on the catalog, but it will still show up on the calendar. Also if you modify the catalog merge templates, be sure to keep that qty>0 restriction to prevent them from showing up there.

If someone enters an event for the same date as any existing event(s), those are listed on the 'thank you' confirmation page - so they have an opportunity to notice the conflict and go back and try another date (but nothing forces them to do that, and if they don't, there's no notification to event hosts who got there first)

That's all there is to it!

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