Session Timeouts

Can you extend the life of ‘log on’ – how long is it on for now??? I would think an hour or two would be good – preferably the latter???

I just re-checked on the session timeout - it's actually 30 mins, not 10, so I think it's good.

If you are curious, here's some background on the subject:

Each session (active or not) takes some memory on the server, so we need some limit, otherwise it would slow way down - so the system will assume after 30 mins of no activity that the user isn't coming back (this is how a server can guess a browser window was closed but this also catches windows that are open but inactive for a long time).

This means for optimal performance, you can open browser windows (or tabs) as needed but don't close and re-open them excessively. If you distribute the admin (volunteer) password, then if a session does expire, you can just re-login and continue working. I'm not really sure what the practical upper limit is on max sessions - hopefully in the 100s - I've only ever seen it hit about 10 max, and most of those were 'stale'.
(That was the old server - the new one should handle several hundred at a time)

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